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Provide resources, support, workshops and mentorship to individuals that have experienced bullying

Educate the community on the affects of bullying

Outcomes and Impact

  • Participants will learn about the 6 different types of bullying: how to identify them, how to avoid the behaviors with others and how to address or report the behaviors (cyber, physical, psychological, verbal, sexual and emotional).

  • Participants will learn how to establish positive relationships with others and how to encourage others to engage in positive behaviors.

  • Participants will learn about esteem, self-love and self-respect and how to display appropriate love and respect for others.

  • Participants will learn how to educate others on bullying and how to create a bully-free environment.

  • The organization will educate the community and other adults on the effects of bullying on the youth.

Purchase Bullying Workbook

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Purchase your copy. All proceeds go to support the work of CTMS and its youth.
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