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Changing the Mindset (CTMS) initiative started under SG Consulting and Data in 2018. The initiative started with a Health and Wellness program that provided workshops and support for those that wanted to modify their current lifestyle choices. After the work completed with the Health and Wellness program, the team developed another initiative called Systems 8, where 8 free workshops were conducted in the community centered around 4 content areas (Health/Wellness, Mental health/Trauma, Professionalism/ Leadership and Empowerment). The initiative provided an opportunity to gain information and to develop systems and processes for enhancing an individual’s personal and/or professional skillset.

After the implementation of the workshops and the positive feedback, Changing the Mindset Inc. was developed as a non-profit organization that offered minimal to no cost services to the consumers with a focus of empowerment and bringing awareness to mental health/trauma, professionalism/leadership, and health/wellness. Since it’s pilot and launch, CTMS has provided over 150 workshops and program opportunities to over 500 people.

In 2020, Changing the Mindset was impacted greatly by Covid-19 and the organization had to pivot to focus on the greatest need at the time. The team held a virtual press conference with the community and other non-profit leaders to gather much needed information. The team gathered that the greatest need at this time was technology and bullying. Changing the Mindset, pivot services and changed their model to start providing programming for youth to address bullying and to enhance and promote technology skills.




To empower the youth and others through technology and positive behavior modification to create innovation, strategy and encourage healthy relationships.


The vision is to uplift and empower individuals to promote, influence and encourage positive relationships with others and enhance their understanding in the field of technology.



  • To promote professionalism, leadership and ethical practices.

  • To enhance participants understanding of best practices and consistency.

  • Data is used to enhance performance and bring awareness.

  • Quality over Quantity

  • To provide minimal to no cost services to the participants and business leaders to enhance and develop personal and professional skills.

  • To educate and empower the individuals in the community where they serve.



  • To provide free professional and personal services in the community.

  • To focus on empowering, education and motivating the people in the communities in which they reside and work.

  • To offer the youth an opportunity to learn and grow professionally.

  • Empowerment and bringing awareness to the different types of bullying and how it can affect the youth.

  • To increase participants knowledge base of technology and engineering.


Dr. Shmeka Gibson