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Business Mindshift Program 

  • Each cohort works with majority women business start-ups to help enhance business practices, organizational and program development.

  • Each organization goes through a 6-month rigorous training program that provides them with all the skills needed to upscale and upskill their business to increase an efficient business infrastructure and prepare them to be a grant ready organization.

  • This program is only for organizations with an operating budget of $100,000 and under.


We have a Spring class that starts in January and a Fall class that starts in July

  • 6-month program

  • Legal and Financial support

  • Goal is to create business infrastructure and stability to upscale the economy and communities

  • Visibility and Exposure Opportunities- to promote your business (magazines, podcast, media, anthologies, etc.)

Adults Can be Bullies too!

Beige Webinar Workshop Instagram Post.jpg

Adults Can be Bullies too is the adult program model of Changing the Mindset Inc. Adults Can be Bullies too, is a model that educate adults and professionals about the affects of bullying in the workplace and in the community.


This model target the following goals:


  • Address how childhood bulling can impact adults and their interactions with others.

  • Address workplace bullying and safety in the workplace.

  • Educate the community on the affects of bullying amongst adults as it relates to mental health.  

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