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Avoid Toxic Workplace

Adults Can be Bullies Too is the adult program model of Changing the Mindset Inc. Adults Can be Bullies Too, is a model that educates adults and professionals about the effects of bullying in the workplace and in the community.

Workplace wellness programs can identify those at risk, connect them to treatment, and put in place support to help people reduce and manage stress. By addressing mental health issues in the workplace, employers can reduce healthcare costs for their businesses and employees. 

The program focuses on three primary goals (BAM) 



Identify the Behavior.

B (1).png


Acknowledge how it affects you and others.

B (2).png


Identify steps and interventions to eliminate behaviors for positive outcomes.

Outcomes and Impact

The goal is to improve job quality by supporting organizational leaders to address harmful workplace norms by employing strategies to prevent workplace violence, bullying and harassment that causes workplace trauma and retention issues for organizations.

Coaching Sessions

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Public Speaking


Group Sessions




Professional Development


Connie Shannon, TN

Director and Entrepreneur

"Dr. Gibson has challenged me to think outside the box. As an entrepreneur its hard to balance work and life and that can be traumatizing. She taught me to be more effective with my time, intentional with my interactions with others and how to meditate and put me first."

Dr. Carjie Tan-Scott, FL

Executive Director

"I was not aware that work place trauma was a "thing" until I had a session with Dr. Gibson and she was able to help me look at my past jobs and how it affected my current workplace behavior. Currently, I'm learning to not allow my bad experiences to control my life and how I interact with others."

Jourdan Martin, MI

Working Professional

"Understanding how a toxic work environment can have long term effects is critical. I participated in a Workplace Trauma workshop hosted by Dr. Gibson and I was amazed at how she was able to help so many people understand the effects of workplace stress on the body. Now I'm conscious with how I allow the stressors of work affect me outside of the work environment."
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