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Changing the Mindset Programs

CTMS offer services to youth, young adults, entrepreneurs and the working professional.

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CTMS provides contracted services in organizational development consulting, grant writing, program management and data analytics. Programming is based on individual and/or organizational needs. We provide a holistic and wrap around service for business owners. Clients receive support from a business consultant, legal and a financial expert. These business owners learn how to be effective leaders while creating a healthy work environment.

Bullying Can’t Stop Me is a mentorship and advocacy program for youth and young adults under the age of 21. The program provides resources, outreach, and mentoring to participants that have experienced bullying in their workplace or school. This program conducts mentorship and quarterly interactive workshop sessions utilizing the “Bullying Can’t Stop Me” workbook. “Bullying Can’t Stop Me” is a workbook/journal to help young adults and children that are learning to navigate bullying and a way to cope with bullying, depression, and self-esteem issues. The program’s goal is to help give participants hope, guidance, and resources to cope and build confidence.


Adult’s Are Bullies Too offers executive coaching, leadership development, and entrepreneurship services to working professionals. Adults Can be Bullies Too is a model that educates adults and professionals about the effects of bullying in the workplace and community. The program focuses on three primary goals, Behavior, Accountability, and Modifications. The goal is to improve job quality by supporting organizational leaders to address harmful workplace norms by employing strategies to prevent workplace violence, bullying, and harassment that causes workplace trauma and retention issues for organizations. CTMS hopes to address how childhood bullying can impact adults and their interactions with others. The program offers individual, group and professional development sessions.

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