Individual Development 

Professional and Personal Development helps enhance an individual's skills and confidence in completing tasks successfully.

Changing the Mindset Inc. provides intensive professional development and support to agencies or individuals interested in utilizing the five designed implementation guides.

Changing the Mindset™ behavior and cognitive-based model benefits individuals seeking to change perceptions and encourage behavior modification. The problem-solving approach utilizes the theories of operant condition, cognitive psychology and growth mindset as insight to guide and encourage perceptual and behavioral change.


Changing the Mindset Inc. approach to problem solving allows an individual to apply the theories of reasoning, decision-making, and judgment to evaluate a situation and analyze factors for a successful outcome.


Community Outreach 


The goal is to educate and encourage the community to participate in free year round workshops.


Agency and Organization Development

CTMS INC. develop training models and assist agencies with programming for their organization and staffing development needs. 


◦Non-Profit Business Mentorship Program

Each Cohort works with 10 non-profit start-ups to help enhance business practices, organizational and programming development.

Each organization goes through a 6-month rigorous training programming that provides them with all the skills needed to upscale and upskill their business to increase an efficient business infrastructure and prepare them to be a grant ready organization.

This program is only for organizations with an operating budget of $50,000 and under.

The next class will be held June 2021.

◦6-month program

◦Option to become a CTMS partner or program

◦Goal is to create business infrastructure and stability to upscale the economy and communities


Business Finance


  • How to develop financial sustainability

  • Budgets 

  • How to locate funding opportunities

Health and Wellness Workshops

•Health and Wellness workshops are offered from January to April to promote healthy lifestyle choices and options.

• The workshop includes:

•weekly workout sessions

•meal and workout plans

•lessons utilizing the Changing the Mindset™ health and wellness model

Professional Profiles

  • Support and guidance with enhancements in your current professional field

  • Support with the following:

    • resumes, cover letters, curriculum vitae

    •  job search

    •  interview process

Agency/Organization Programming

Grant Writing 

Leadership Development, Culture Transformation and Generational Gaps

  • CTMS works with organizations to develop a plan to enhance staff's personal and professional needs. 

    • CTMS links organizations with the best program to fit their professional needs

    • CTMS creates a unique programming model to assist and support the organization training needs 

  • Opportunity to learn the best ways to apply for funding

  • Compliance Workshops

  • How and where  to locate the funding opportunities.

Leadership Development, Culture Transformation and Generational Gaps workshops are developed for leaders to learn and apply knowledge in ways that benefit them, the bench strength of the organization, and understanding the generational shifts from custom middle management development programs to senior leadership development.

Understanding Professional Data

  • Workshops that provide tips on collecting and reporting data

  • Assistance with current data systems

  • Reporting for funding opportunities

Family Development Training 

The FDC program collaborates with agencies to teach family workers how to coach families to set and reach their goals for healthy self-reliance.

Motivational Interviewing Training 

Motivational Interview has two goals. The first one is to find a way how to increase motivation; the second one is about committing. MI is created to help clients in expressing and understanding their needs; it is helping them to find motivation, focus and a way to commit to the change.

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